This heavy-duty spray bottle is ideal for both professional and household use. The ZEP 32 oz. spray bottle delivers more than 3 cu. cm per pull, helping you get the job done better and faster. Its ergonomic trigger is designed for 3-finger pulls, prioritizing comfort while reducing fatigue. Additionally, the adjustable nozzle offers a range of sprays for any project, from a fine mist to a 30 ft. direct stream. The clear bottle with graduated measurement marks help make the dilution process simple and accurate. Durable design means this bottle will last with refill after refill.

  • Pro tip: be sure to label your bottles so you remember what product is in each container
  • 32 fl. oz./1 Qt. capacity
  • Great for commercial and residential use
  • Works well with cleaners, pesticides, insecticides, weed killers and other liquids
  • Clear measurement marks make this ideal for mixing and concentrates
  • Label area for easy identification of contents
  • Adjustable nozzle perfect for any project, from mist to 30 ft. stream
  • Chemical resistant spray bottle
  • Works well as a bleach spray bottle

ZEP 32 oz. Professional Spray Bottle

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