Unsmoke Unsoo:


Unsoot #1 helps to improve indoor air quality, particularly in structures affected by fire or smoke damage, including "puff backs" and furnace malfunctions. This product creates a long-lasting barrier that helps prevent the release of particulates, which can irritate breathing and carry strong odors. When offensive particulate matter is encapsulated and sealed away, overall air quality and occupant comfort are improved.


Unsoot #1 can be applied to structural wood, duct work, or ceiling plenums. It can also be combined with odor control agents to give it additional odor-control capability.



Apply with a compression sprayer or with a fogging device.


Mixing: Dilute Unsoot #1 Encapsulant with up to 4 parts water.


Application: Adjust application device to coarse mist and coat areas to be treated.




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