Lanco 1 gal. Satin Sanding Sealer


Lanco Nitrocellulose and Maleic Resin Primer. Designed for new wood only and is ready to spray "RTS". May be applied with roller, brush, conventional air gun and spray - airless.

  • Penetrates, seals pores and dries quickly
  • To use as primer in any colored wood
  • Designed to raise the grain of the wood
  • To sand later and give an ultra soft finish
  • To use with clear o colored lacquers
  • Drying time: 15-30 min. to touch, 4-6 hours to recoat (79˚F (26˚C) & 85% RH)
  • Coverage: 500 sq. ft. (46 sq. m) per gallon @ 0.5 dry mils
  • Online price includes PaintCare fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, MN, OR, RI, VT

Satin Sanding Sealer

SKU: 375-107