Rubi 1/8 in. Leave-in Tile Spacers (200 pack)


Rubi 1/8 in. precision spacers make installation quick and uniform. They are made in hard plastic material, rigid enough to hold against the weight of the tile. Due to its calibration and clean edges, you will obtain the best possible finish in all your flooring jobs. A major benefit of the Rubi spacers is its leave-in design. After grouting over the spacers there is no need to remove them from the tile, saving your time and your money. With this method you will hold the tiles in place if there are contractions in the floor, avoiding cracks in the grout. Rubi spacers are recommended by all of the main ceramic manufactures throughout the world.

  • Use on all sizes of tile, marble and stone
  • Hard plastic spacers manufactured with high precision and regularity
  • Extra long structure designed to obtain maximum precision
  • Leave-in technology to save time and avoid cracks in the grout
  • Total precision spacers due to the homogeneity of their measurements and the absence of rough edges

Rubi 1/8 in. Leave-in Tile Spacers (200 pack)

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