O-Cedar Microfiber Power Scrub Roller Mop


This Triple-Action roller mop features a unique microfiber wave sponge design. It has better spill pick up and grabs m ore dirt than ordinary sponge mops. Plus, the scrubbing brush gets rid of tough, dried-on dirt f or a truly deep clean.

  • Roller mop offers a dense scrubbing brush with soft bristles that will allow scrubbing without damaging flo ors
  • Pull handle has a t-shape design which improves grip and handling f or easier wringing
  • Roller mop is safe f or most flo or types
  • Triple-action roller mop is compatible with the triple-action power scrub refill
  • Handle has a t-shaped design for better handling
  • Microfiber material attracts dirt, dust and hair
  • Microfiber material will not damage floors

Microfiber Power Scrub Roller Mop

SKU: 1000-017-863
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