The Homax Grade #1 Medium Steel Wool Pad helps clean linoleum floors, cooper pipes, fittings and BBQ grills. You can refinish wood work by smoothing out raised grains and de-gloss painted surfaces. Each bag contains 12 pads for multiple uses.

  • For cleaning, polishing and refinishing surfaces
  • Helps to clean linoleum floors, soles of shoes, cooper pipes and fittings and BBQ grills
  • Helps smooth raised grain or primed wood and de-gloss painted surfaced prior to coating
  • Flexible to reach in and around corners
  • Gentle abrasiveness
  • Uniform, high quality metal strands
  • Grade #1 medium steel wool
  • 12-pack

Homax #1 12 Pad Steel Wool, Medium Grade

SKU: 1000-062-336
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