SmartBoost installs directly on an tank’s hot water line to provide more hot water than the tank alone can provide. SmartBoost delivers nearly double the shower time. The unit sense the temperature of the water from the tank outlet, and SmartBoost activates when it senses that its inlet temperature has dropped below the user set activation temperature.

  • Nearly 2X your hot water output
  • Adjustable activation temperature 80-130 degrees F
  • Adjustable outlet temperature 80-140 degrees F
  • Set temperature in increments of 1 degrees F
  • No need for additional electrical infrastructure if installed on existing electric water heater
  • Compact design
  • Install directly on the outlet of your water heating tank to increase deliverable hot water
  • Uses the same 30 amp outlet as your existing tank. If you have a gas tank then it will need its own 30 amp dedicated breaker
  • Save Space, Save Water
  • Freeze protection settings

EcoSmart 7.2 kW Electric Tankless Smart Water Heater Booster

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