Varathane 1 gal. Clear Gloss Water-Based Interior Polyurethane


Varathane 1 gal. Clear Gloss Water-Based Interior Polyurethane is specially formulated to let wood’s natural beauty shine through. High clarity protective coating for indoor wood projects provides a crystal clear finish. Premium polyurethane retains the same clear finish as the day it was applied and will not yellow with time.

  • Ideal for protecting interior wood finishing projects and applications including furniture, doors, cabinets and trim
  • Covers up to 500 sq. ft., apply at least 3 coats on surfaces
  • Gloss sheen adds a fresh shine to surfaces in a hard crystal-clear finish
  • Long lasting, durable formula provides abrasion and scratch resistance on surfaces
  • Low odor, water-based formula features outstanding stain resistance for interior wood projects and does not require sanding between coats
  • Dries to touch in 2 hours

Clear Gloss Water-Based Interior Polyurethane

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