WECO 573 25 lbs. Unsanded Grout Champagne

WECO 573 UNSANDED dry-set grout is designed for narrow joints when using porous-bodied or glazed tile, WECO 573 is stain resistant, easy to clean and has a high compressive strength. WECO 573 is a white, dry tile grout composed of high quality cement and special additives that give it self-curing properties. WECO 573 unsanded dry-set grout has the same characteristics as WECO Dry-Set Mortars. It is manufactured following formula 573 of Tile Council of America and it is periodically tested to insure its quality. WECO 573 bears the Tile Council of America seal of approval.

  • For grouting porous-bodied or glazed wall tile, set with narrow joints on a vertical surface
  • WECO 573 is available in white, black, gray, champagne, silver gray, and antique white
  • WECO 573 is available in 25 lbs. bags
  • Unsanded Dry set grout shall be WECO 573, a blended mixture of Type I Portland Cement, colorfast pigments and water retention aid as manufactured by West Indian Products Corporation, Carolina, Puerto Rico. The material shall be used on porous-bodied

Champagne Unsanded Grout

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