Our Better Roller Covers achieve a flawless paint application in one coat when used on a similar wall color. This standard trim roller frame with a 3 in. wide 3/8 in. nap roller fits into smaller spaces than a standard 9 in. cover while providing the same quality coverage and finish. Ideal for Eggshell, Matte and Flat Sheens. Custom fabrics use the proper fiber crimping for optimum painting performance holding more paint and reducing the number of trips to the paint tray. Knit fabric rollers are versatile for use on almost any job and undergo an advanced finishing process that results in low linting and leaves a uniform paint finish. Engineered with a patented thermo-bond process; the roller cover fabric is thermally fused to the core, eliminating adhesive failure associated with traditional cardboard and PVC plastic cores. Thermo-bond cores are tough and impervious to paint solvents and water. This results in roller covers that are virtually indestructible and roll smoothly every time. 3/8 in. Nap Knit cover picks up and lays down more paint on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces like walls and ceilings both indoors and out.

  • For use with latex or oil paints and stains
  • 3/8 in. nap knit polyester fabric ideal for use on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces
  • Compatible with standard 3 in. roller frames
  • Thermo-bond technology ensures a strong core and lower fabric pull-off
  • Low linting for a smooth quality finish
  • Poly Knit fabric holds more paint for few trips to the tray
  • Package includes 1 roller on frame

Better 3 in. x 3/8 in. High Density Knit Fabric Trim Roller with Frame

SKU: 1001-287-415
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