When you have a variety of household projects to do consider using the Homax Products Grade #3 Coarse Steel Wool Pad. Steel wool helps clean rough metals and removes old paint, varnish, lacquer and shellac with strippers and remover. One bag contains 12 pads for multiple uses.

  • Helps remove old paint, varnish, lacquer and shellac in conjunction with paint removers or strippers
  • For cleaning rough metal or stone surfaces
  • Can be stuffed into holes and cracks of homes to eliminate pest droppings
  • Clean engines and heavy machinery
  • Strip paint and other coatings from exterior woodwork
  • Grade #3 coarse, flexible abrasive
  • Uniform, high quality metal strands
  • Flexible to reach in and around corners

#3 12 Pad Steel Wool, Coarse Grade

SKU: 835-128
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